About Us

Data-Driven Return On Investment Delivered by Our Obsessed Quants. Quantikal is a data-driven performance marketing agency. We help clients scale their business through profitable digital ad spending by constantly obsessing over clients' key metrics. Quantikal’s experience working in diverse online companies in marketing roles including media buying allows us to provide solutions in the ever-demanding increase of marketing performance, doing more with less thus becoming a strategic growth partner.

Strategic Thinking

Our first step is to understand the general business strategy and what best digital marketing opportunities align with that strategy.


We move with great speed. We like to capture as fast as we can all the digital opportunities whatever the limited time window may be. There is fast, internet fast and Quantikal fast.


We perform a detailed analysis of the current processes of acquiring new clients to find improvement opportunities. Our highly detailed approach allows us to always find incremental percentage points in performance.


We invest significant time understanding technological innovations and constantly evaluating new industry tools to upgrade our processes. We aim to help our clients to expand their digital marketing frontiers though martech.


Once the correct key business metric or north star metric is confirmed with our clients, we prioritize and execute on different initiatives with close follow-up.



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Our Services

Paid Advertising / SEM

We create, manage and optimize Google Adwords accounts. We’ve been working with search tools for more than 10 years, and therefore have witnessed its evolution. We raise your ROI with our care for detail on SEM campaigns.

Analytics + Insights

We develop advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions. These include customized data driven attribution models as well as proprietary algorithmic bidding systems. We specialize in developing key metric feedback loops with your investment channels.


Whether for acquiring new users or for retargeting, we optimize your Google Display Network, Facebook or Instagram ads, among other networks, investments. SEM campaigns.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We analyze user behavior in detail. We design and implement A/B tests in different customer acquisition funnel stages to increase your conversion rate.

Our Clients

News & Articles

Gabriel is ELITE. Absolutely the smartest freelancer I've ever worked with, went above and beyond on delivery and account review. Worth every penny. He provided expert consulting for a difficult google ad account we had, and clearly is a master in the PPC field. Thanks for taking the job Gabriel, we really appreciate it. HIRE HIM.

Google Adwords Expert

Mar 11, 2020 - Mar 15, 2020
Gabriel gets a 100%. I hired him to implement conversion tracking across all Google softwares - Adwords, Analytics, GMB, Tag manager and also with Facebook Ads Manager. Not only was his work 100%, but when completed, he showed proof of completion in a video chat. Also, he is 100% fluent in English grammar and vernacular conversation (social references, etc.). The guy is brilliant, honest, and FAST. Thank you!

Conversion Tracking Expert Needed - Google Tag manager and Facebook Ads manager

Apr 2, 2020 - Apr 6, 2020
Gabriel delivered more than promised. He has deep knowledge of how to run a digital marketing team, and created a way for us to easily check our metrics. I was impressed with how quickly he understood the problem and his technical solutions.

Developing KPIs for Marketing Manager of e-commerce store

Apr 11, 2018 - Jul 9, 2018
Outstanding professionalism and organization, top notch expertise and skills. Gabriel was a class act all the way, and his knowledge of Google is unparalleled. Any organization would be lucky to have his help.

Facebook Ads & Google Ads Expert for Lead Generation clients (ongoing)

Jan 15, 2019 - Jan 27, 2019
Gabriel delivered outstanding analytical work about my Adwords Account, showing a deep knowledge of this platform algorithms and best practices. His communication was fluent and clear, all deadlines were met on time and he delivered additional work to help me solve some problems I was facing with my account. I enjoyed working with Gabriel and will count on him for further jobs.

SEM Consulting for Performance Account (FULL CPA Model with Call Center feedback)

Jun 11, 2018 - Jul 8, 2018
Gabriel and his team are awesome. I evaluated 10+ freelancers and SEM agencies around the world at different price points, and found Gabriel to be an amazing combo of value and expertise. Will be working with Gabriel on an ongoing basis.

Growing start-up (local home appliance repairs industry) needs ongoing Google Ads (SEM) management

Jan 12, 2020 - Jan 29, 2020