Google Marketing Livestream 2021

Google’s Marketing Livestream 2021 was packed full of information about new and upcoming tools for Google Ads and related products. Here are some of our key takeaways from the two-hour videos. 

Work from home has changed the way people’s shopping habits. Google saw an uptick in sales of top half clothing but saw a dip in work pants!  

Bidding Recommendations

Google also expanded tROAS bidding to Video Action campaigns and Discovery Ads.

Darshan Kantak (VP Product Mgmt, Search Ads) recommending Broad Match keywords + RSA + Smart Bidding. Seeing average of 20% more conversions at a similar cost. It seems Google is more so than ever pushing their Google Ads automation to help you bid effectively! (Have you felt this to be true? Comment below!)

New Tools

One of the more intriguing developments was the upcoming Demand Forecast tool that will help users more effectively plan for changes in search behavior. Will be great for new and growing Ad users who have not been through a full yearly cycle with their product or service. 

Ecommerce Growth

Bill Ready (President of Commerce) reported that in 4Q 2020, year over year growth was 3 times the rate of the same period in 2019! Obviously, the pandemic has changed the way people shop. It also contributed to a growth of over 3000% in curbside pickups! Just shows that businesses are adapting! We hope yours has adapted as well. 

Shopping Integrations

Google and Shopify are releasing more integrations! This is pushing Google and E-commerce even further than ever before. Google announced ShopPay as a payment option across Google platforms. Making it easier for customers to pay via Shopify/Google is huge. 

Google is making it easier for you to shop all in one place with a new “deals results” page for search and shopping. It’s what consumers want!

Video Ads + Product Feeds

Product feeds have shown great performance for e-commerce brands through shopping campaigns. Now Google wants to expand the exposure to other formats like Youtube, Discover, and Gmail. And it seems that pushing direct response and branding combination is working. Check out the quote below:

“In March, when we compared more than 900 Video action campaigns, we found advertisers that added product feeds drove 60% more conversions at a lower cost, compared to advertisers that didn’t add product feeds,” Google said in its announcement.

So, did you watch the event? What are your thoughts? Drop a comment down below!

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