Search Ads 360 launches a major update

Performance Max, Discovery, Display, and more. Here’s all you need to know.

Search Ads 360 has seen one of its biggest updates in 10 years

The platform will roll out major updates in the next months, while also allowing users to continue with the classic experience. 

The platform will now offer support for the newest features in Google Ads, such as:

  • Performance Max
  • Discovery campaigns
  • Display and Youtube Ads

Additionally, Google added enterprise innovation features that will allow teams to do an everyday follow-up, such as:

  • Campaign management
  • Creating automated rules
  • Using labels across various advertisers simultaneously

What will change? 

For media managers, the new Performance Center will include planning capabilities with spend, CPA, and conversion forecasts.

Also, a new inventory management system will be included in de SA360 updates, giving advertisers more control over how to use the ad space. This tool is useful for industries with frequent price changes, such as airlines, hotels, retail, entertainment, etc.

Have you used Search Ads 360 before? Did you find it more useful compared to the traditional Google Ads? Let us know in the comments below!

As part of this latest release, budget management will be improved with the new Performance Center. Google will grant access to planning tools, allowing advertisers to experiment with potential budget scenarios.

Finally, when you launch the SA360, you can see the identical overview dashboard found in Google Ads, making it a close resemblance to the platform.

What does Quantikal think?

This is Google’s attempt to optimize performance with enterprise innovation. The new updates will help advertisers get more work done in only one place, with an extended channel view for data-driven decisions. Quantikal will always say yes to new features that increase control for advertisers, even if the tool’s complexity increases. 

As expected, we will keep you informed if any more updates are coming your way. Stay tuned!

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