Google Ads: new features to custom columns

This new Google update is giving marketers more reporting options. Here are the details.

The new features in custom columns show a major upgrade, including:

  • Spreadsheet functions
  • Calculating and comparing across date ranges 
  • Referencing other columns with formulas
  • Non-metric columns, such as campaign names, budgets, and more
  • New column formats, such as date, text, and true or false

Now, advertisers no longer need to switch between reporting to editing. which can be very time-saving

Have you ever used custom columns? What do you think of these new additions? Let us know in the comments below.

The addition of spreadsheet functions is a huge change brought by Google. These are used after the function name, with parentheses, and are similar to the options available in any traditional spreadsheet software.

Also, comparing data across date ranges gives advertisers the ability to quickly determine and identify campaigns that are reaching specific metrics for given periods of time and being able to compare them. 

Marketers can now create a custom column that could be referenced with a unique formula to extract data without having to duplicate the process.

Custom columns will tackle non-metric data and access critical elements faster, helping those advertisers that like to view more data at once. Google is giving more control, simplifying ad platforms, and creating powerful formula-driven updates. 

Our Take

These new custom column features should be quite helpful when you have to separate custom conversions in columns with each different conversion, conversion rate, and CPA metrics. More reporting options, -like a happy hour promotion-, yes please! 

As always, Quantikal will keep tabs on custom columns and see if they significantly improve user experience. We’ll let you know if more updates come your way. Stay tuned!

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