Google Allows Stock Photos for Image Extensions

Google now offers a selection of stock photos that you can use directly into image extensions.

This new Google update makes it easier to use image extensions by offering a searchable library of stock photos that are free to use!

For the past few months, marketers found it a bit of a hassle having to source unique images for this extension, so Google relaxed its policy.

How to find it: When Google Ads asks you to choose a visual for the image extensions, you can choose the “Stock Images” option. After finding a fitting image, you can crop it before applying. 

(Sidenote: we did our research, and Google recommends using at least three visuals in image extensions)

Are you currently using a stock image provider? Let us know in the comments below!

The next updates

As far as we know, Google will also be showing image extensions in desktop ads. Previously, they were exclusive to the mobile version. This will be applied automatically if you are already using image extensions in your ads.

Also, dynamic image extensions are going to be available in all languages. Previously, these were only available in English. These types of image extensions use machine learning algorithms to select the most relevant visuals for your ad.

Our Take

We can give Google a good head nod, since we will always be in favor of new options that can save us time, and this may be one of them. Quantikal is all in when it comes to facilitating processes and new possibilities, as long as it doesn’t limit the advertiser’s control

Image extensions are very important for those industries where visual impact is the key to advertising, so we encourage marketers to try this out.

As always, we will continue to post updates on any changes made by Google, so you can hear them from us firsthand. Stay tuned!

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