Google Launches Ad Creative Studio

Read all about Google’s feature for new ways of creating ads

Ad Creative Studio is now available! Google announces this new launch that allows advertisers to customize videos and display ads

Last year, Google rolled out its beta version, aiming to change ads for multiple audiences, user demographics, languages or contexts.

Now, Google allows you to export images from the asset library to the Google Ads library, so when putting creatives together, advertisers will easily find the images they want to use. To make these changes, you have to select the ones you want to make effective and provide different versions of that particular element.

What about Campaign Manager 360? Google now allows advertisers to connect their Ad Creative Studio account to Campaign Manager. As this feature rolls out, marketers can upload, manage and report creatives with these two platforms intertwined. 

Do you think this will be beneficial for creative teams? Will it be quicker than having to build new ad sets with different audiences? Let us know in the comments below.

According to Google, brands that have already tried ACS out, like General Motors, claim to have reduced costs by 30% and reported an increase of 56% in Google searches for a specific car model. 

Google says that ACS is “built to provide full support for creative teams and to enhance collaboration, create effectiveness and scale.”

If you want to know more Google’s announcement, don’t worry, we got you covered: read the official statement here.

So, if you have multiple audiences or want to run quick and dynamic changes without creating additional campaigns, this would be an interesting feature for you to try out. As it is fairly new, we can’t say for sure if this works better than having to create new ad sets, but it is a catchy update for visual creators.  

As always, we will be on top of this new feature and we’ll let you know if it is as effective as Google claims it will be. Stay tuned!

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