New features for Discovery Ads

Better ad experience, creative support, new insights, and more. Keep on reading to find out!

Google is launching new features for Discovery ads to help keep audiences engaged with your ads. The new features include better ad experiences, improved creative support, new insights, and enhanced campaign management.  

Let’s be honest: the feature that caught our eye is the new audience insights and management. Now, advertisers can create and reuse audiences across all your campaigns using a new audience builder, Google Ads Editor, and API for managing large campaigns. 

Also, the insights page can give you more data about those segments that have the biggest interaction with your ad. Using asset reporting and optimized targeting, advertisers can view performance and compare between assets to decide which ones are worth turning off, editing, or changing. 

What does Google mean by “improved creative support”? When creating the ad, advertisers will be able to see quick recommendations on ratios, headlines, and text overlays for images. This will also include feedback on your ad strength and an optimization score with further guidance. Feedback rating will go from “poor” to “excellent” so that you can figure out what is in need of improvement. 

With all this being said, Google says that they will be focusing on the Gmail user experience. They aim to build a browseable Social and Promotions tab that will include more details, with images and prices. How? Google will use its machine learning algorithm to target audiences at the proper time.

Lucky for you, we include the link to the official announcement here, in case you want to read the full official statement. 

Our Take

Although these are not jaw-dropping features, it is always a good addition if it means more tools and creative opportunities to help advertisers properly showcase their brand. It is nice to see them put in the work to perfect their ad platforms and user experience, especially if it makes it simpler for users to browse. However, we recommend you test these features before applying and have a defined audience or segment in mind so that these assets can work their best. 

As expected, we will review these specific features and let you know if anything new is coming your way. Stay tuned!

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