Main Announcements from Google Marketing Live 2022

Here’s everything you need to know about Google’s annual event and how it may impact your business

As you may imagine, we’ve been busy analyzing and investigating Google’s new announcements from Google Marketing Live 2022 event. However, YouTube Shorts is not the only feature that caught our eye. In this post, we’ll list the most important details about Google’s latest updates coming your way.

Updates in Video ads

Video ads coming to Discover

Google is considering the addition of short video ads to Discover. This is a huge announcement for video-focused advertisers since Discover features many videos in the feed with eye-catching images, so it could easily fit with the organic content.

Swipable shopping ads in Search 

Attention apparel brands: this new ad display will be available in Search and Performance Max campaigns, and will pair organic shopping results with your shopping ad, making it even more visual and more appealing for the shop-intent user. (imagen)

3D models of products with AR

Further enhancements also include the addition of augmented reality for shopping campaigns. Advertisers will be able to make 3D models of products appear directly on the results page, giving users a better experience and a better idea of what they’re purchasing. Even though there weren’t many details announced, we are very excited to see what Google has in stock for this new tech feature.  

Updates in automation tools

Performance Max updates

By the end of this year, Google announced updates coming to Performance Max campaigns, such as A/B testing, the ability to optimize in-store goals, experiment tools to help test potential lift, optimization score recommendations, and more performance data such as attribution, audience, and auction insights. This gives advertisers even more information to work with and more tools to enhance your campaign.

Enhancements in the Insights page

Focusing on first-party data, the new insights page includes new performance data, attribution, audience, and auction insights. This can help advertisers see how ads work together across Google’s interface, it can show how different user segments are controlling your campaign’s performance, and it can give more intel for budget optimization.

What do you make out of these new updates? Which one of them are you expecting the most? Let us know in the comments below.

We think Google’s latest announcements are promising, especially for advertisers that prefer a more visual approach. Quantikal will always be in favor of adding more tools for the advertiser to work with, and more control over crucial variables. 

Updates are expected to be fully out by the end of this year, so we are eager to see you try these out!  

As always, Quantikal will be digging deeper into these announcements and you’ll hear from us firsthand if any new features are coming your way. Stay tuned!

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