LinkedIn announced new Business Manager platform

If you want to know more about the creation of Business Manager, keep on reading.

Finally! LinkedIn announced a new centralized platform that will simplify advertisers’ accounts, people, and business management

LinkedIn’s Business Manager offers Campaign Manager and Pages options for easier account tracking, especially in a B2B environment. 

Business Manager offers the ability to view and manage ad accounts from a central dashboard, easier control of tasks such as billing, and the ability to update Matched Audiences. This last feature is an interesting addition since Google and Facebook also have their own Customer Match lists. So, if you have multiple LinkedIn accounts, Business Manager can let you share Matched Audiences across ad accounts.

In the official LinkedIn post, you can read further new features about the new Business Manager.

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Our Take

We are finally seeing how LinkedIn is catching up with the times. Even though Google and Facebook are ahead of the race, it is nice to see Microsoft up on its feet. 

However, this is not a head-turning announcement. At least not enough for advertisers to drop everything and sign in to LinkedIn platforms.

If you ask us, an ideal LinkedIn feature could include information about the user interacting with your account, such as job position, business, etc. Also, it would be compelling to see an option that allows you to list specific businesses you want the announcement to be shown in

These features would be helpful since B2B accounts are very well-identified, so being able to show customized ads to a niche audience of your choosing could be a potentially interesting addition.

As always, we will review this new centralized platform and see if it matches our expectations. Stay tuned!

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