Performance Max campaign updates

Significant changes were announced to Performance Max campaigns at Google’s last event. If you want to know more, keep on reading.

Google Marketing Live 2022 gave us a lot to talk about. Among other important updates, the company announced new optimizations, insights, and in-store goals for Performance Max campaigns. In this post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about these additions

Optimization score

Google is now adding recommendations for optimizing the Google Ads platform, placing a new tip section in their most automated campaign type. This provides advertisers with helpful information about how campaigns are performing, followed by advice on a potential solution.

Additional insights

As we mentioned in our previous article, advertisers will get more insight into what is driving your ads’ performance, including consumer, audience, and auction information. Phrases such as “x is performing better compared to last week” will be displayed on your insights tab, followed by a graph with trend details. 

Experimentation tools

This new experimentation tool takes existing campaigns and compares them to a potential version of Performance Max, showing how much lift could be seen if launched. As it is a model, advertisers can’t control this experiment, so it only includes a potential visual. You can’t work with it and you can’t experiment with further changes. 

So beware, you might want to measure additional volume with your own means to see if it actually is incremental.

Do you think this new experimentation tool will be a good aid? Let us know in the comments below.

Further access with Search Ads 360

Lastly, those advertisers who use SA360 will now have access to manage Performance Max campaigns. Also, if you prefer the Google Ads app, these new updates might work in your favor. Google is cooking some operative changes to the app so that Performance Max campaigns can be managed from the comfort of your device.

Our Take

All of these additions can give advertisers more options to manage their campaigns, so, great news! Even though Google sticks with the automation mentality, we are grateful that they decided to add tools that provide further information since this campaign type is already very self-regulated to begin with

As expected, we will continue to review these changes and we’ll let you know if any news is worth sharing. Stay tuned!

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