How We Quadrupled Revenue in Less Than 7 Months

Here’s how to successfully spend in the right places.

With the right digital strategy, we were able to 4X the monthly sales from May 2021 to November 2021 while sacrificing only a fraction of return on ad spend (ROAS).  
Yes, you read correctly. If you want to know how we increased Tire Agent’s monthly non-brand revenues from Google Ads from $0.7M to $3.3M in 7 months, that’s an additional $2.6M in monthly revenues, keep on reading! 👇

Tire Agent is an e-commerce business that specializes in selling car tires and rims. They have a large selection of tires, rims, and wheels, and ship them anywhere in the U.S. for free. They carry over 60 brands of tires, including some top-tier brands like Michelin, Goodyear, and Bridgestone. Tire Agent makes sure that they’re offering the best rebates, coupons, specials, and discount codes on the internet, arranging payment plans that set them apart from any other online tire store.

The facts: although there was some initial traction in 2020, from January to May 2021 the company’s sales plateaued. Here’s when we stepped into the picture.  

What did we do to help? Everything but magic.

Since we started working with Tire Agent in May 2021, we immediately restructured and relaunched campaigns. When we stepped in, the client had limited budgets in overlapping campaigns. Using our proprietary methodology and experience, we figured out a way to untap growth in Search.

Following a Structured Process

With new search methodologies for expanding keywords, reordered ad groups, new match type pairing combined with fitting negative keywords, and focused extensions, we were able to make a difference in the details. 

In each step of the process, Quantikal provided monthly forecasted scenarios of different spend levels and ROAS estimates, allowing the client to make easier executive decisions on spend each month.

The key to figuring it out was a regular day-to-day follow-up and a dedicated process. 

We paid special attention to the search campaign that represents 50% of the brand’s investment: tire financing. Although this campaign was already set up when we arrived, it needed to be remodeled. We expanded the way of saying “financing” by adding rims and wheels, competitors, tire sizes, make-model-trim campaigns (MMT), and trying to find new ways of pausing keywords that weren’t working to focus investment on those that were working. 

Also, we tried out new negative keywords to build a more specific search, feeding into the list to see which other searches weren’t taken into consideration. 

Home runs don’t exist but consistent base hits do. 

Google’s keyword recommendations gave us some ideas to work with: “tires near me”. Based on this suggestion, the Quantikal team decided to look into the specifics of Tire Agent’s buyers and saw that location insertion was working better than the keyword insertion, so we launched a near-me location campaign. We targeted the best states and the best cities and built a geo-focused campaign so that users would be directed to the client when they searched for tires in their area, adding new audiences and specifying the search. 

After digging in deeper with the client’s methodology, we decided to build a campaign focused on the tires’ terrain (rocks, rain, snow, mud, etc.) trying out keywords that weren’t considered before. These two examples were the perfect trigger for us to realize that more terms were missing, so people were searching for more topic-related keywords and we weren’t taking advantage of that traffic flow. 

Extending Beyond Search

Another campaign type we worked with is display. It looked like a great field for traffic expansion. Through an increased number of new assets and creatives, not only generic but also related to product offers and rebates. We systematically tested assets, doubling down on the best-performing ones. After polishing and working on these campaigns, we had an average ROAS of 4, which looked positive considering that the average for non-brand was around 6.5.

At Quantikal, we also worked with discovery campaigns. Our expansion mainly came from testing multiple audiences and expanding reach, we used the learnings obtained from observing audiences in search campaigns and adding them into separate ad groups within discovery campaigns. During this period, we got to scale traffic by 10X while getting an average of 5 ROAS which is slightly below the search non-brand average of 6.5.

Hard Work Pays Off

The key to our client’s success was executing a true and tested process combined with close collaboration with our client’s industry knowledge.

Every revision and modification done in the Google Ads campaigns, as little as they may be, placed us one step closer to victory. Success came from consistency, testing, process, and attention to detail, that’s what makes the difference. And what a difference it can make if it increased our clients’ sales from $0.7M to $3.3M in just under 7 months.

Without fail and as expected, we will continue our hard work towards achieving the client’s ideal and we’ll keep you in the loop of our ongoing efforts. Stay tuned!

About Quantikal

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