Upgraded YouTube shopping tab: new Shopify integration

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YouTube recently announced new shopping features to its platform given the recent integration with Shopify. Now, creators will be able to link their store to their own YouTube channel so that users can complete purchases without leaving the platform.

It looks pretty straightforward: in YouTube Studio, with the monetization tab, creators can add their Shopify account through the Shopping tab. This gives advertisers more control over how their products appear across their channel. Also, YouTube enables tagging on live streams, making it easier for users to stay within the platform while having access to the product. 

Shopify has a real-time inventory syncing that will operate in YouTube’s live shop, so users will never be able to click on a product if it’s out of stock. 

Will you link your Shopify platform to YouTube Shopping? Do you think this is a good integration? Let us know in the comments below

Our Take

This is an easy way to bring products directly to your audience. Many smaller advertisers that don’t have the means to set up Google Merchant Center to its full potential, and do not typically run Shopping or Video ads will enjoy this as an imagery complement to display their products through their own YouTube channel. We can also see how YouTube is understanding the value of influencer marketing, which has proven an increase in number of conversions. It also gives influencers the opportunity to work with brands that they support or see fit for their own image. We hope this integration can help all advertisers increase sales and aid user experience.

As always, we will be following this alliance and we’ll let you know if any updates are coming your way. Stay tuned!

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