What does Google have to say about shifting privacy settings?

Now that third-party data is saying goodbye, learn about Google’s new privacy approach

As many of you know, third-party cookies have been the typical source for digital marketing over the past years. However, user privacy and new regulations are making advertisers reevaluate their ways. Now, Google is actively testing new ways to engage with audiences.

Google announced a few key steps that they are taking to replace third-party data’s common identifiers:

  1. Build a strong first-party data organization
  2. Invest in durable tagging solutions that meet measurement needs
  3. Start your shift as soon as possible 

First-party data is now your best ally. However, not all Google products use first-party data for advertising, so for those that do, it is crucial to honour user privacy while making the most out of the data provided.

Also, accurate insights in measurements are a top priority for Google’s team. This can help reach more people in the cookieless future and give a better view of conversion activity and a good tagging method based on customer preference. 

Even for a huge company like Google, building a strong foundation for first-party data takes time, so it is better to start your efforts ASAP. Google’s automated processes ensure that user peivacy is taken into account while making the most out of this new shift. 

What will you do about this new privacy shift? Are you optimistic about the cookieless future? Let us know in the comments below.

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