Disney+ now includes four minute ads per hour

Learn about this new update and how it can apply to your business

Later this year, Disney will roll out ads for four minutes in shows that last more than an hour. This ad-supported option will be cheaper than the current $7.99 rate that runs without ads. 

However, compared to other streaming platforms, Disney offers fewer ads per hour than NBC, HBO Max, or even Hulu. 

Disney mentioned that these ads would not be displayed in kid’s shows or movies, and the content of the ads will be cautiously moderated so that no adult themes are shown in the films. 

Who can’t advertise? The streaming platform will not be displaying any alcohol, political, or competitor ads, given the characteristics of the average Disney user.

Also, it is rumored that Netflix will launch an ad-supported option, given that the streaming platform lost some subscribers and will need a way to keep them from shrinking and losing money. 

Would you place your ads on a streaming platform? How do you think it may perform? Let us know in the comments below.

Who is going to be watching these ads? Since the platform is in fact Disney and the ads aren’t for kids’ eyes, what will the ads be about? How limited will the ad space be? 

It would be interesting to see an on-screen click, like the recent initiative on YouTube Shorts so that users don’t require an extra step to purchase. 

We don’t have all the answers now, but we will definitely keep an eye on what’s happening with these streaming ads.

Quantikal will keep you in the loop as soon as this ad-supported version hits the market and we’ll see how it performs. Stay tuned!

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