Google automatically updates Smart Shopping to Performance Max

Google is eliminating Smart Shopping campaigns for good. If you want to know how and when, keep on reading.

Google is now automatically updating Smart Shopping campaigns into Performance Max. Although this is something Google has been anticipating for a while, updates will be fully out in September. 

What does this mean? Google will self-update from your previous Smart Shopping campaign to Performance Max, which will include your previous learnings, budgets, and campaign settings. 

If you don’t want Google to update your campaign without your knowledge, it is best if you do it yourself with the “one-click” tool ASAP, before Google decides to take matters into its own hands and update everything automatically. 

What do you think about Google’s automatic update setting? Did it take you by surprise? Let us know in the comments below.

If you want to read Google’s official statement, click here for further information. 

Our Take

It is no surprise that Google is terminating Smart Shopping campaigns and transforming them into Performance Max. It has been clear all along that automation was the next step, so this automatic upgrade was expected. However, you can be caught off guard when you open your Google Ads account after the update is complete, especially if you never used the “one-click” button and Google simply decided to do this on its own. 

Some advertisers were worried that, with this automatic update, the campaign’s history and previous performance number wouldn’t carry on. Yet, you can view the campaign’s data history by selecting “View Smart Shopping campaign data”. We can vouch for that.

We suggest you take control of your own updates and use the “one-click” button to avoid any morning surprises. It is best to update these campaigns yourself by the end of the month so that you adjust easily to new Performance Max settings at your own pace. 

As always, we will be assessing these new Performance Max settings and we’ll let you know if any issues are worth reporting. Stay tuned!

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