TikTok allows Custom Attribution Windows

If you want to know more about TikTok Attribution Manager’s update, keep on reading

TikTok launched a new update where advertisers can set their own attribution windows. Campaigns can now be optimized with flexible windows from 1 day to 28 days. This allows advertisers to optimize their campaigns to individual goals. 

What is an attribution window? The time it takes for a user to act after they click or view your ad. Although some conversions are logged right away, others require more checkpoints for a user to be convinced of the purchase. So, with this new update, advertisers can choose specific time periods to meassure click-through attribution and view-through attribution.

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TikTok Attribution Manager gives advertisers the following options:

  • For click-through attribution, choose from 1, 7, 14 and 28 day windows
  • For view-through attribution, choose from 1 or 7 day windows 

If the advertiser chooses a 7-day window, the user has 7 days to convert for the action to be logged into Ads Manager.

Our Take

Nowadays, TikTok is rising in popularity as we speak. This visual platform has given advertisers an opportunity to customize ads and target specific audiences

This update allows advertisers to manage TikTok’s capabilities of logging data, so if you have preferences, Ads Manager will try to satisfy your needs. We are always in favour of new tools that give advertisers more options and more control over ad management. This update is Quantikal-approved!

As expected, we will review TikTok’s new capabilities and we’ll let you know if it works to its full potential. Stay tuned!

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